The LBA Expansion Planning Application is Now Live

We only have until 16th June to comment, so follow this link to add an objection.

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Leeds Bradford Airport currently handles around 4,000,000 passengers each year. In the next few months, the owners of the airport will submit a planning application to expand the airport. Focusing on building a new passenger terminal, the goal is nearly doubling the number of passengers to 7,100,000 by 2030 & up to 9,000,000 by 2050.

This increase in flying will have drastic consequences on our local area.

To accommodate the more passengers, the number of flights will be greatly increased with extended flying hours cutting into current "quiet times", allowing noisy take-offs & landings an hour earlier (6am) in the morning & half later in the evening (11:30pm).

Attracting more passengers also has a huge impact on local transport infrastructure, with more traffic congestion in the area, & resulting impacts on local air quality.

In March 2019 Leeds City Council declared a climate emergency. A near doubling of passenger numbers is planned. The increased emissions would use up Leeds’ entire carbon budget by 2035, worsening our climate crisis.

This airport expansion is unnecessary & unsustainable. If we act together, we can prevent the LBA expansion from going ahead.

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