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LBA breaks night time flying rules

GALBA complains to Leeds City Council


If you live near the airport or under the flight path, you’ll have noticed how much noise has been caused by night time flying. We can confirm that summer season 2022 was worse than it should have been. GALBA monitored the number of night flights during the summer last year and found that LBA exceeded the number it’s allowed to operate by over 600 flights. We asked the Council to investigate as quickly as possible and take action to stop LBA flouting the rules. We're still waiting for a response.


To protect the health and wellbeing of people affected by aircraft noise, the existing planning conditions place strict limits to the number of take-offs and landings allowed between 11pm and 7am. After taking into account permitted exceptions, GALBA’s monitoring revealed that LBA went way over the night flight limit. Find out more and make sure you tell your councillors exactly what you think! Go to our Night Flight Noise page.


We’re taking the government to court!

Please support our challenge against Jet Zero


Unbelievably, Jet Zero - the government’s so-called ‘green aviation strategy’ - has given the green light to a huge expansion of flying and airports. Instead of protecting our climate and communities, Jet Zero encourages more flights and bigger airports, which means even more greenhouse gases, noise and air pollution.


We have been given permission to take our judicial review legal challenge to a full hearing in the High Court. We don't have a date yet but we're pleased that we can put our arguments to a judge. We say Jet Zero is unlawful and needs to be sent back to the drawing board!


We’ve made a great film on Jet Zero which you can find on our Jet Zero page along with loads of other information about why Jet Zero is a load of dangerous greenwash and how you can donate to our fighting fund.  


What happened to LBA’s planning application?


On 10 March 2022, LBA’s Chief Exec announced he had withdrawn the airport’s expansion planning application. This was a victory for our climate and our communities and it was won by people power! But the fight isn't over yet. The airport’s owners have claimed that they can increase the number of day and night time flights even without their planning application being approved. We absolutely contest their claims and we’re ready to fight whatever they try next.

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