Video: Cath Long – animation; Jo Kennedy – soundtrack; Jess Fowle – video interviews

In 2019, Leeds Bradford Airport had around 4,000,000 passengers. The airport’s Australian owners, AMP Capital, have submitted a planning application to expand LBA. Their goal is to nearly double the number of passengers to 7,000,000 by 2030 by increasing the number of flights and building a new passenger terminal.

This increase in flying would have drastic consequences for our local area. The number of flights would greatly increase, with extended flying hours cutting into current "quiet times", allowing noisy take-offs & landings an hour earlier (6am) in the morning and half later in the evening (11:30pm). It would also mean noisier planes at night.In March 2019 Leeds City Council declared a Climate Emergency. If LBA expands to 7,000,000 passengers by 2030, it would pump out more greenhouse gas emissions than allowed in the carbon budget for the whole of Leeds. This would make the Climate Emergency worse.

Nearly doubling passenger numbers would also have a huge impact on local transport infrastructure, with more traffic congestion in the area and resulting impacts on local air quality.
Expansion of LBA is unnecessary and unsustainable. If we act together, we can stop it.

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