Say NO to Leeds Bradford Airport expansion
Say YES to a safer, cleaner, greener and quieter future

Leeds Bradford Airport wants to expand from 4 million to 7 million passengers per year. That would mean:

Thousands more flights
More greenhouse gas emissions
More noise and sleep deprivation
More air pollution
More congested roads

Leeds needs to become carbon net zero by 2050. But Leeds Bradford Airport plans to double its greenhouse gas emissions in the next 10 years. That’s plane crazy!


Together we can still stop airport expansion and build a better world.

What’s the latest?

GALBA is deeply disappointed that on 11 February, Leeds City Council chose to conditionally approve the expansion of Leeds Bradford Airport. This is the wrong decision: wrong in law, wrong for our communities and wrong for our climate! Leeds City Council has put itself on the wrong side of history.


However our campaign is far from over. The decision is flawed and we are mounting a legal challenge. We’re in a climate emergency and we simply cannot afford to carry on as if there’s no problem with increasing greenhouse gas emissions. We are grateful to those councillors who showed leadership by voting to protect our climate and our local communities. GALBA would also like to thank the thousands of you who support the campaign and say to you: stick with us – this story is far from finished…


About the conditional decision: even with the conditions set by the Council, this gives the green light for a huge increase in greenhouse gases, noise and air pollution. Expansion would make it impossible for our city to become net zero and would make a mockery of the Council’s Climate Emergency Declaration. It renders that declaration meaningless because when it has come to action, Leeds City Council has been shown wanting. They are in denial. This was an opportunity for the Council to show leadership and accept responsibility for protecting our world. They have failed. In doing so, they have lost all credibility when it comes to tackling the gravest danger that we face – the climate crisis.


So please make a donation and join the campaign today - please ask your family and friends to donate as well. Thank you.

Image: Neil Terry

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