Say NO to Leeds Bradford Airport expansion
Say YES to a safer, cleaner, greener and quieter future

Leeds Bradford Airport wants to expand from 4 million to 7 million passengers per year. That would mean:

Thousands more flights
More greenhouse gas emissions
More noise and sleep deprivation
More air pollution
More congested roads

Leeds needs to become carbon net zero by 2050. But Leeds Bradford Airport plans to double its greenhouse gas emissions in the next 10 years. That’s plane crazy!


Together we can stop airport expansion and build a better world.

What’s the latest?

In the next few weeks, Leeds City Council will decide to approve or reject LBA’s plan to expand. Either way, we expect there will be an appeal:


  • If we win, LBA is likely to appeal

  • If LBA wins, we will apply for Judicial Review

  • Either way, we will need to raise funds to pay for legal experts and more campaigning.


So please make a donation and join the campaign today - please ask your family and friends to donate as well. Thank you.

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