GALBA - the Group for Action On Leeds Bradford Airport - are a group of concerned citizens of the wider Leeds/Bradford area. We come from a range of backgrounds, and from across the political spectrum. We've come together to reject the proposed airport expansion for a number of reasons, which we've detailed in our objection arguments, Campaign Guides & FAQs. If you empathise with our aim, please Join Us, together we can reject the airport expansion for a cleaner, less noisy future less at risk from the climate emergency.

Who We Are

GALBA’s elected committee members all live in Leeds and they are:

  • Chris Foren, Chair.

  • Ian Coatman, Secretary.

  • Pauline Bailey, Treasurer.

  • Nick Hodgkinson, Membership Secretary.

  • Tim Goodall.

  • Nicky Ford.

  • Victoria Smith.

  • Andy Tait.

Contact Us

We can be contacted at our email address - GalbaUK@protonmail.com - or on social media, Twitter - @GfAoLBA; Facebook - GALBA; Instagram - @gfaolba.

Our Constitution

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