About Us

What is GALBA?

The Group for Action on Leeds Bradford Airport (GALBA) is a group of concerned citizens in West Yorkshire. We come from a range of backgrounds and from across the political spectrum. We've come together to stop the proposed expansion of LBA for a number of reasons - see why oppose expansion?

We are asking the Secretary of State to ‘call in’ LBA’s application and have it considered at a public inquiry. LBA expansion is not a purely local matter, it has climate and economic impacts beyond Leeds and West Yorkshire. It needs to be considered properly at a public inquiry. 

Please make a donation and join the campaign today.

Together we can still stop LBA expansion.
We can still choose a safer, cleaner, greener and quieter future.

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What has GALBA been doing?

In December 2018, LBA was given permission to expand its existing terminal building in order to increase passenger numbers. Then the Council proposed building a new road to the airport - right over greenbelt land. GALBA started in 2019 as an informal group of individuals who were concerned about these expansion proposals. We were alarmed then by the same issues as now - greenhouse gas emissions, noise, air pollution, greenbelt destruction, traffic congestion. We reached out to other like minded people and held public meetings. Then we were surprised to learn that LBA intended to make a fresh planning application to the Council. This gave us another chance to stop expansion - so we grabbed it with both hands!


When LBA submitted its ‘pre-application’ to the Council in January 2020, we joined with others to protest outside and inside Leeds Civic Hall. Then Covid and lockdown arrived so we had to adapt to campaigning in very unusual circumstances. We got more organised and established GALBA as a formal association in April 2020, not long before LBA submitted their full planning application in May. It’s been all systems go since then! The Council has approved LBA’s planning application – but it’s not over. We have asked the Secretary of State to hold a public inquiry into LBA expansion. He has postponed making a decision so we are keeping up the pressure! Please make a donation and Join us today.


No one is paid for their time in GALBA’s campaign - we are people power in action! Together we can still stop LBA expansion. We can still choose a safer, cleaner, greener and quieter future.

Who are GALBA?

GALBA’s supporters come from all over West Yorkshire and beyond, from all walks of life and from across the political spectrum. Our committee members all live in Leeds and Bradford. We are:

  • Chris Foren, Chair

  • Ian Coatman, Secretary

  • Pauline Bailey, Treasurer

  • Nick Hodgkinson, Membership Secretary

  • Tim Goodall

  • Nicky Ford

  • Victoria Smith

  • Jane Thewlis

  • Manny McKenzie

  • Mike McGrath

  • Helen Pickering

  • Jess Fowle

Everyone on committee is acting in a personal capacity, not as a representative of any other organisation.

Our constitution

You can read GALBA’s Constitution below.