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Here’s how you can help us raise £60,000 to fund our judicial review against the government's reckless Jet Zero aviation strategy

We’re taking the government to court to stop more planes, bigger airports and climate breakdown. Will you help us by making a donation today? We’ve already seen that legal action can make a big difference. The recent successful net zero judicial review has just forced the government to re-write that strategy so that it sets out realistic, not fantasy, measures to cut emissions. Our judicial review aims to do the same for Jet Zero - send it back to the drawing board and come up with meaningful climate action. And guess what? We’re working with the same law firm that won the net zero legal challenge! Read more about Jet Zero and our legal challenge here.

You can make a donation in two ways:


Make a direct bank transfer into GALBA’s account, which has been set up specifically for this challenge.

  • Account name: Jet Zero JR GALBA

  • Account number: 2046 5612

  • Sort code: 60-83-01

Or by donating to one of our two crowdfunding appeals.






The platforms will take some of the amount as fees. They may ask for a donation towards their own costs – please note you are under no obligation to make this additional donation and you can manually remove it.

Donated before? Thank you for supporting our successful campaign against LBA’s expansion planning application. We’re keeping that money safe because we know we’ll have to fight LBA again at some point. But if we can stop Jet Zero, that would be a huge help in stopping any future expansion by LBA or any other airport.


Thank you! Please share our crowdfunding appeal with your family, friends, neighbours and colleagues. 

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