Jet Zero - gambling with everyone’s future

In July 2022, the government published Jet Zero, its strategy to decarbonise the aviation sector.​

Jet Zero expressly supports airport and aviation expansion, putting no limits on growth. The government’s own analysis accepts that this will mean greenhouse gas emissions from flying increase into the 2040’s. This completely contradicts warnings from the world’s scientists that all emissions must be cut in half by 2030 to keep global heating to 1.5C. Expansion will also mean more noise, traffic and air pollution for communities near airports.

Jet Zero naively relies on unproven technology as a panacea to solve the deadly emissions pollution that aviation expansion will create. The Climate Change Committee and other independent experts all agree that the chance of scaling up those new technologies is low and the risk of failure is high. Jet Zero is gambling with everyone’s future instead of doing the obvious thing: stop expanding airports, don’t let aviation grow.

Read more in this article in The Guardian: Johnson’s ‘jet zero’ plan unrealistic and may make UK miss CO2 targets.

As well as fighting the expansion plans of individual airports like Leeds Bradford, it is crucial that we challenge the legal and regulatory framework that the government is creating – a framework that protects its friends in the aviation industry, at the cost of our climate and our communities. GALBA will continue to do whatever we can to challenge the Jet Zero strategy. GALBA responded to both Jet Zero consultations - you can read our response to the first and second consultations.