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How to Respond to the Leeds Local Plan 2040 Consultation - a Step by Step Guide

Leeds City Council is consulting about what should be included in the Local Plan up to 2040. The Local Plan really matters because it sets the strategic level guidance for all planning decisions, including any future planning applications by the airport, until 2040. LBA is covered in the Transport & Connectivity section of the consultation.

Consultation: the deadline is Friday 24 March and a response form is available here. Questions relating to LBA are in section 15. If you want to get there quickly, you need to tick the box at the bottom of page two, then keep clicking ‘next’ at the bottom of each page until you reach: ‘15. Topic 6 - Transport and Connectivity.’ This asks:


“To what extent do you agree that we should explore the issues below in the scope of the plan?”


LBA is at the end of the list: “Further consideration of planning policies to manage the growth of Leeds Bradford Airport.”


We recommend ticking: ‘Strongly agree’.


Then it asks: “If you would like to answer more specific questions about Transport and Connectivity in Leeds, then please select ‘Yes’. If you would like to skip ahead to the next topic, Other Topic Areas, then please select ‘No’”.


Please tick ‘yes’.


On the next page, below the tick boxes, the form says:


“Leeds Bradford Airport plays an important role in our local economy yet due to its very nature air travel can have a negative impact on the environment. Currently policy SP12 supports growth of the airport within environmental limits. Airports around the world are exploring ways to become more environmentally friendly through sustainable design practices. Government has promised an update to aviation policy and the role of regional airports, but this has not been published yet. Do you think that the Local Plan should be considering updating its policy on managing growth at Leeds Bradford Airport?”


Please tick ‘yes’.


In the box below, we recommend saying that you believe the Council should update its policy on Leeds Bradford Airport so that it stops (rather than manages) any proposed growth of the airport. This should remain Council policy until genuinely zero emission flight is possible at a commercial scale and until jet planes are genuinely quiet.


If you want… you can explain why you think that - eg the climate damage caused by more flights, the unacceptable noise from more aircraft, the need to shift the Leeds economy to low carbon jobs, etc. You can read GALBA’s full response here. Please don’t ‘copy & paste’ our full response but use your own words to explain what matters most to you.


Then keep clicking ‘next’ until section 19 where you have to answer the questions with a red asterisk.


Then go on to the final page and click ‘finish’ to send your response.

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