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It’s incredibly important that as many people as possible formally object to. LBA’s plans. Anyone can do this - you don’t need to be an expert and you don’t need to live in Leeds. It’s much more effective to use your own words but if you want some guidance, we've created a guide on writing an objection, & detailed & briefer guides on suggested reasons for objecting - see below.

Finding the Application

The application has the reference 20/02559/FU & is located on the Leeds City Council's planning portal. To add an objection,  you need to click 'make a comment'. Alternatively, you can email your objection to: and give the application reference number at the start of your objection.

How to Write an Objection

Handy tips for responding to the application

In Brief

The reasons why you should oppose the application

In Detail

How to respond to the claims made in the application


The Council’s website says the deadline for objections is 30th November. However we have written confirmation from the Council that objections received after that date WILL be accepted - up until the date of the planning meeting (not yet set).

Easy-to-use Letter Writing Forms to Contact Your Councillors


You can also help by lobbying your councillors – whether you live in Leeds or not.


Thanks to Huddersfield Friends of the Earth, it’s now really simple to contact councillors all over West Yorkshire. The links below will take you to an online form that helps you find your own councillors by using your postcode and then gives you a draft email for you to amend and send.


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