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GALBA and our supporters have made thousands of objections against LBA expansion. You can read some of the main objections on these pages:


What’s the latest? LBA has pulled its planning application


On 10 March 2022, the Chief Exec of Leeds Bradford Airport announced he had withdrawn LBA’s planning application. This means the airport cannot start unrestricted flying at 6am, nor carry on till 11.30 pm, nor remove the limit on the number of night time flights. These are all changes that LBA wanted in order to allow them to make 16,000 more flights per year. This cannot happen now because the existing rules on daytime and night time flying will stay in place. This is a victory for our climate and our communities and it was won by people power!

But it’s not completely over yet. We know that LBA will do whatever it can to try and increase its Australian owners’ profits at the expense of our climate and our communities. So we’re keeping a close eye on what they try next. Our legal experts are already looking into recent claims made by LBA’s Chief Exec.

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