We’re challenging the airport’s attempts to increase night flights

GALBA is determined to stop Leeds Bradford Airport flouting the night flying rules which are in place to protect the health of local people.

For the last two summers, GALBA has monitored all arrivals and departures at the airport in order to provide an independent record to Leeds City Council, which is charged with enforcing the airport’s operating conditions. The council agreed that LBA had broken the rules in both years.

We are also fighting the airport’s recent attempt to change the night flight rules by applying to use CLEUDs (Certificates of Lawful Existing Use or Development) to reinterpret those rules to allow LBA to fly unlimited numbers of some types of planes at night. Two of the four CLEUDs have been rejected – we’re waiting for a decision on the other two.

The airport has proved that it cannot be trusted to share accurate information with the council, the public and the Airport Consultative Committee

GALBA’s work has been essential. We were able to reveal that the airport was breaching the night flight quota and had not been providing accurate data.

Since we brought the night flight breaches to the council’s attention, the airport has been issued with one ‘breach of condition’ enforcement notice for 2022. However, even though the council agrees with us that LBA broke the rules again in 2023, they’ve decided to do nothing about it.

That is scandalous! GALBA is looking at all options to prevent the airport from breaking the rules again – and again…

In the meantime, we are also fighting the airport’s attempts to persuade Leeds City Council that some restrictions on night flights should be reinterpreted – in effect allowing unlimited numbers of flights.

We have made two submissions to the CLEUD  process – on each occasion providing the council with lots of factual data to counter the airport’s claims. Following our first submission, the airport withdrew its applications.

However, LBA submitted four new CLEUDs in December 2023. We’re pleased to say that the council has rejected two of them. We don’t know when the other two will be decided but it could in the summer of 2024.

“Investigation revealed that LBA breached the night flight quota by 747 flights. They say it was a ‘mistake’. It’s terrifying that it seems the airport is not in control of the planes taking off and landing on its own runway”

The airport is not prepared to take responsibility for sticking to its own operating conditions, so we will do it for them

Since we started tracking night flights, we have consistently kept up the pressure on both the airport and the council to ensure that the health of local people is protected.

We have provided the council with crucial information to help hold the airport to account.

We have worked with local people to reassure them that the airport’s blatant disregard for the rules will not go unchallenged.

We have kept the issue in the public eye with letter writing campaigns to the local newspapers and have countered misleading information from the airport.

We attended a public meeting with the airport’s Chief Executive, Vincent Hodder, where we challenged him to explain how Leeds Bradford Airport had such poor control over its own operations.

We have also applied to join the Airport Consultative Committee but have been turned down.

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