We’re taking the government’s Jet Zero strategy to court

Unbelievably, the government’s Jet Zero aviation strategy has given the green light to a huge expansion of flying and airports.

Instead of stopping any expansion of aviation, Jet Zero will actually encourage more flights and bigger airports.

This means even more noise, pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

But we’re not going to let the government get away with it. We’re making a Judicial Review legal challenge against the Jet Zero strategy in the High Court.

If we win, we will have radically changed the landscape in which all airport expansion decisions are made

The Jet Zero strategy is supposed to set out how the aviation industry will cut its greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050.

But it relies heavily on alternative fuels – like bio-energy from crops and green hydrogen. These fuels either don’t yet exist beyond the drawing board, or cannot be scaled up quickly enough. Our Jet Zero video is a simple guide to what’s wrong with the whole plan.

We want the government to rewrite Jet Zero and focus on immediate measures to stop any growth of aviation – like stopping all airport expansion plans and introducing a Frequent Flyer Levy.

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"We estimate that meeting existing UK aviation fuel demand, entirely with energy crops, would require around half of UK agricultural land. Producing sufficient green hydrogen fuel would require 2.4 - 3.4 times the UK’s 2020 renewable (wind and solar) electricity generation."

If a doctor tells a smoker that they've got lung cancer but says "Carry on smoking, there might be a cure sometime in the future", is that doctor being 'ambitious' or 'irresponsible'?

Jet Zero promises ‘guilt free flying’ and allows the aviation industry to expand.That’s because, it claims, there will be solutions to its greenhouse gas problem in the future.

The government describes Jet Zero as highly ambitious but everyone else describes it as highly risky!

We know that climate breakdown would be catastrophic. We know we must urgently cut greenhouse gas emissions. And we know the so-called ‘solutions’ in Jet Zero barely exist in reality.

If a doctor tells a smoker that they’ve got lung cancer but says “Carry on smoking, there might be a cure sometime in the future”, is that doctor ‘ambitious’ or ‘irresponsible’?

So should we allow aviation to expand now? Or wait and see if the government’s techno-optimism is justified?

"No airport expansions should proceed until a UK-wide capacity management framework is in place to annually assess and, if required, control aviation sector CO2 emissions and non-CO2 effects."

Jet Zero also ignores the non-CO2 emissions caused by flying, even though the latest scientific research shows they do more than twice as much damage to the climate as aviation’s CO2 emissions.

You can learn more about non-CO2 emissions here. And find out more about the problems with the techno-fixes proposed in Jet Zero in this series of short videos by Green Sky Thinking and these Stay Grounded factsheets. There are more assessments of Jet Zero’s proposals from the Aviation Environment Federation and in a report by the Royal Society. And Possible have proposed a solution – a Frequent Flyer Levy.

We urgently need funds to make sure our team is ready for the David and Goliath fight that lies ahead of us

We have a brilliant legal team lined up, including a KC and solicitors with huge experience in this area.

They have agreed to work for very reduced rates but there is still an enormous amount of legal work that needs to go into making such a claim successful.

And that costs money.

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