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Contact the Councillors who Decide LBA's Planning Application

We don’t yet know when the City Plans Panel of Leeds City Council will decide whether to approve or reject LBA’s planning application. It could be on 11 February. We do know which councillors will make the decision. So if you want to contact them to explain why it should be rejected, you can find their names and contact details here. You don’t need to be an expert nor do you need to live in their ward - this decision affects all of us.

New deadline for objections and new documents from LBA

In November, GALBA wrote to Leeds City Council to point out errors in LBA’s planning application. We now know that led to Leeds City Council requiring the airport to explain themselves. That’s why two new documents appeared on the Planning Portal just before Christmas and a lot of people received a letter from the Planning Dept. It also explains why the deadline for making objections against LBA’s planning application has been extended to 4 February. GALBA is looking carefully at the new LBA documents with our legal advisers and technical experts before deciding on any further action. This article explains more about the errors in LBA's application.

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