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GALBA Annual General Meeting 2021

The GALBA committee has been re-elected at our first AGM.

Minutes of GALBA AGM July 5th, via Zoom

Present: 19 members: Ian C, Nick H, Mike Mc, Chris F, Nicky F, Jess F, Victoria S, Pauline B, Tim G, Mannie Mc, Helen P, Alistair C, David F, Alan S, Helen K, Ali P, Gideon J, Keith W and Juliet Mc.

  1. Chris Foren (Chair) opened the meeting. He reminded everyone that we are currently still waiting for a decision by Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick on our request for a public inquiry. No expansion can be started before that decision is made.

  2. Ian Coatman (Secretary) gave a brief overview of the campaign since GALBA was formally established in April 2020. He thanked all members for everything we have achieved so far.

  3. Nick Hodgkinson (Membership Secretary) reported that GALBA has 305 members in total, with 217 from Leeds, 50 from Bradford and the rest from Yorkshire and beyond. We have over 900 following our Facebook page and nearly 1,000 followers on Twitter.

  4. Pauline Bailey (Treasurer) reported that GALBA currently has sufficient funds to meet the costs of a public inquiry or a Judicial Review legal challenge (if an inquiry is not allowed), plus other campaigning activities.

  5. Chris Foren then oversaw the committee election process. The following officers were elected unopposed and unanimously: Chris Foren – Chair, Ian Coatman – Secretary, Pauline Bailey – Treasurer, Nick Hodgkinson - Membership.

  6. The following committee members were elected unopposed and unanimously: Mike McGrath and Jess Fowle

  7. There were 6 co-opted to the Committee: Helen Pickering, Jane Thewlis, Nicky Ford, Manny McKenzie, Victoria Smith and Tim Goodall.

  8. Jess Fowle commented on the importance of working with other airport campaigning groups to share knowledge and experiences.

  9. It was agreed that the committee should discuss having face to face meetings.

  10. Chris Foren thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting.

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