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Model Motion for Trade Union Branches

We've drafted a model motion to propose to any trade union branches you may be a member of.

(Name of branch) utterly rejects the recent Leeds City Council decision to likely approve the expansion of Leeds Bradford Airport. To make this decision was an abdication of its civic duty to protect the citizens of Leeds from the known harmful effects of even more aeroplane emissions and pollution over the city. It exposes those under the flight path to more noise, and the harmful effects of sleep disturbance.

It was a cowardly decision by councillors who seemed to be unable to stand up to the untruths from big business and their wilful ignorance about the future of this planet if we don’t reduce the production of carbon dioxide. The decision made a mockery of Leeds City Council’s decision to call a Climate Emergency in 2019 and makes the stated aim of Leeds being carbon neutral by 2030 completely impossible to achieve.

(Name of branch ) resolves therefore:

1. To write to Judith Blake (or James Lewis if after Feb 24) as leader of Leeds City Council to state our rejection of this decision and to the City Plans Panel to demand that it reverses its decision at its next meeting.

2. To support Galba in their attempts to make a legal challenge to this decision by making a of donation of £

3. Forward this resolution to the local, regional and national levels of the Union

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