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North West Leeds Transport Forum Flyer

NWLTF have released a flyer on rejecting the airport expansion, succinctly covering some great points. Particularly interesting is the diagram showing the extent to which noise pollution will increase - a vast area!

As noted in our objection arguments page, there are impacts to our health for this, we shouldn't have to put up with this!

The airport’s own application Noise and Vibration section admits that “…this confirms that that whilst the changes are forecast to be ‘negligible’ or ‘low’, the Development will result in an adverse effect on health due to increased noise.”

Also today, ICCAN (Independent Commission on Civil Aviation Noise) has called on UK government to prioritise aviation noise post-COVID-19. Expanding the airport's flying hours & number of flights doesn't tie into that very well!

The full flyer is available to download here.

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