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Stop Leeds Bradford Airport Expansion! Help Us Raise Campaign Funds

Leeds Bradford Airport (LBA) wants to double its passenger numbers by 2030 and extend flying hours into the night and early morning. We say no! No to increased noise, air pollution and traffic congestion. And NO to LBA doubling its greenhouse gas emissions in the middle of a climate emergency.

LBA has already submitted its planning application to Leeds City Council so we need to object NOW. The the Group for Action on LBA (GALBA) needs your help to raise funds. Local campaigns stopped expansion of Bristol, Stansted and Heathrow airports - we can do the same!

Good quality legal advice was central to those successful campaigns. We will use the law too. So we need to raise funds for a leading environmental barrister and other campaign activities. Can you help? All contributions, big or small, will help. You can donate here, or by making an online bank transfer directly into GALBA’s bank account.

Name: GALBA.

Sort code: 60-83-01.

Account No: 2042 3670.

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