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Stop Leeds Bradford Expansion - Protect Our Greenbelt!

We’ve all seen LBA’s drawings of the proposed new terminal. But the Council’s landscape team think it will be a blot on the landscape and spoil our green belt. Here’s their conclusion: “This is a very visually dominant building perched on a high plateau elevated some 31 metres above the surrounding predominantly rural landscape... It is, by nature of its function, a very shinning glass structure facing East and will stand out as an alien urban type feature over a very large expanse. It is clear … that the landscape character of the surrounding Green Belt areas will suffer negative effects from this development. There is therefore no doubt either about the adverse visual effects on users of public rights of way, residential views, and the local public viewpoint (on Bayton Lane) etc… The very modest car park landscape treatment directly in front of the terminal will have a negligible effect in terms of mitigating the harm to landscape character, openness of the Green Belt and public amenity.”

You can read the full report by Leeds City Council below.

Download PDF • 2.82MB

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