Write to media

It’s crucial that we keep our arguments in the public eye and one of the best ways to do this is to write letters to our local newspapers. You can be sure that LBA’s supporters are doing the same! So here’s a brief guide to writing to our local papers.

Are you frustrated that the airport seems to have the ear of the press and the politicians? Here's how to put that right...

A few tips for getting your letter published…

Head your email ‘Letter for publication’.

At the end, give your name and full address – don’t worry, they won’t publish your full address, they just want to know you’re a real person from this part of the world.

Shorter letters usually have a better chance of being published so try not to go over 200 words – though sometimes longer letters do get published.

Use whatever style of writing is genuine for you but don’t use swear words or insult other letter writers – your letter simply won’t get published.

It’s often good to pick up on something that was published – either in the news pages or letter pages – in the previous day’s paper.

Email addresses:

Yorkshire Evening Post – yep.newsdesk@ypn.co.uk
Telegraph & Argus – newsdesk@telegraphandargus.co.uk
Yorkshire Post – yp.newsdesk@ypn.co.uk

Facebook and Twitter/X

All our local newspapers also use Facebook and Twitter/X. So if you use social media, that’s another good way to keep people aware of our campaign. Keep an eye out for stories about the airport and add your comments underneath the article.

YEP – www.facebook.com/YEP.newspaper
Telegraph & Argus – www.facebook.com/telegraphandargus
Yorkshire Post – www.facebook.com/yorkshirepost.newspaper

YEP – @LeedsNews
Telegraph & Argus – @Bradford_TandA
Yorkshire Post – @yorkshirepost

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